13 States Drawn By People Who Have Never Been To Them

That’s what Wisconsin looks like, right? Time to really start to get to know every corner of the country in a 2015 Hyundai Sonata!

We asked random people to draw a state on which they’ve never stepped foot and have little to no idea what it looks like.




And these are the results:

1. “I mean, it’s not THAT far from the truth.”

2. “It’s a completely foreign country to me…”

3. “I drew it like it was meant to be looked at in a mirror.”

4. “Where is this again?!”

5. “I at least got the little dinky part on the right side. Kinda… sorta…?”

6. “To be fair, everything I know about Minnesota I learned from Bobby’s World.”

7. “SPOT. ON.”

8. “May not have gotten the little part on the right side, but I KNOW I got the football right.”

9. “From a Virginia virgin’s standpoint, I’d say this isn’t half bad!”

10. “SEE?! It does have a cool circle thingy… kinda.”

11. “I knew it was long, and that’s all I got. You’re welcome.”

12. “It’s a little Arizona-y for my tastes.”

13. “I wouldn’t change anything.”

No time like the present to get familiar with the states! Go on the 3,000-Mile Test Drive with the 2015 Hyundai Sonata!

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