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15 Devastating Catastrophes Every Smartphone Owner Knows Too Well

Your sanity is calling. It's texting too. It's texting to tell you what time it will call again. Time to power down and get away in a 2016 Hyundai Tucson.

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1. When it rings at the exact wrong moment. / Via

Who knew "vibrate" meant "equally loud buzzing that everyone hears anyway"?

2. When autocorrect subtly deflates your will to live.

BuzzFeed Violet / Via

ugh sorry autocorrect —> ugh sorry auto cucumber

3. When you're locked out of your phone because you mistyped your password, even though you swear you hit the right number. You literally hit the number.

ESPN / Via

No, but literally you hit the number.

4. When you need directions but the sun glare on your screen is bad.

BBC / Via

There's gotta be a better way!

5. When your alarm goes off even though you swear you turned it off already. / Via


6. When you realize you left it in the other room.


You fear you have attachment issues — but mostly you fear that you missed a text.

7. When it drops below 50%. / Via

You just need a shoulder to lean on.

8. When you're trying to hang out with your friends, but you keep remembering there's a text you have to respond to. / Via

It's from your mom.

9. When someone else has your phone, and you realize they might look through your photos.


This could be the end of you.

10. When you accidentally make a video call. / Via

Too late to hang up. They already see the missed call.

11. When you're trapped in a never-ending group text.

Morsa Images / Getty Images

"See you there!" "Sounds good!" "Awesome." "Can't wait!"

12. When you're left out of a group text.

Thinkstock / Ajkkafe / Getty Images
Thinkstock / Ajkkafe / Getty Images


13. When you drop it on the ground, and you're POSITIVE it's broken.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Your life is over, your life is over, your life is over, wait everything's fine.

14. When you're ~making progress~ on a website, and then suddenly you have to download an app to continue. / Via

This will take an exhausting 16–17 minutes.

15. And when you're trying to live in the moment, but everyone around you has their phones out.

BuzzFeed Blue / Via

You might feel annoyed, but remember: You're one of the good ones.

Take a break from the screen. There's a lot of world left to explore in a Hyundai Tucson.