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9 Reasons All Runners Should Add Rowing To Their Training Routines

Runners, meet your new best friend: rowing. Get the most out of your training program with the versatile, low-impact, and high-intensity Hydrow Rowing Machine!

HEY, RUNNERS! Are you looking for a dynamic way to diversify your training and improve your performance that's more than just "going for yet another run"?

Then you need to add Hydrow to your program ASAP!

Running and rowing have very similar rhythms so rowing exercises tend to feel natural and familiar to experienced runners.

Rowing is also low-impact, which your knees will loooooove.

Man sitting on a Hydrow Rowing Machine in his living room, preparing to exercise

And the Hydrow is especially good at working the back and glutes, which is super helpful in running.

Rowing really works your abs and core in ways that running just can't.

Woman working out on a Hydrow Rowing Machine

Hydrow also helps develop flexibility and strength in the hamstrings and calves, which is crucial for runners.

Rowing is fantastic for building cardio and stamina.

Woman rowing at sunset on a peaceful serene lake

Plus, rowing is just fun!

Images via Hydrow and Getty Images.

So if you're looking for a versatile, low-impact, and high-intensity way to improve your running, it's time to get your row on with the Hydrow!

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