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Hydro Flask’s Three New Colors Are Here Just In Time For Your Back-To-School Wellness Routine

Stay healthy and hydrated with fall's must-have, back-to-school accessories.

Raise your hand if you're excited about the new school year! ✋

Now there's another reason to get excited: Hydro Flask just released three BRAND-NEW colors to help you and your family stay hydrated as you head back into the classroom.

Three Hydro Flask 24-oz bottles in orange, blue, and purple

As always, the new Hydro Flask palette is made up of three hues that are inspired by the natural world. And they're the perfect way to express yourself through color this fall, in the classroom and beyond.

Two Hydro Flask water bottles near the base of a boulder

If your family is heading back to school this fall, staying healthy is probably more important than ever before. And we all know staying hydrated is a big part of any wellness routine.

woman hiking and holding a Hydro Flask water bottle.

Now, let's take a closer look at these three bold new hues. 😍

First up is Eggplant, a rich, dark purple hue that's perfect for accessorizing those back-to-school looks.

32-oz purple Hydro Flask water bottle

Next, Hydro Flask is also introducing Rain, a light blue that goes with ~literally~ everything.

32-oz light blue Hydro Flask water bottle

Hydro Flask's third new hue is Clementine, a bold, cheerful shade of orange that will brighten your whole outlook.

32-oz orange Hydro Flask water bottle

All image provided by Hydro Flask

Ready to start sipping? Add these bold, new colors to your Hydro Flask collection and stay hydrated this fall and beyond.