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11 Ways To Make Vacationing With Your Family 10 Times Easier

Organizing a vacation for a bunch of people can be stressful! Let these tips and Hyatt All-Inclusive Resorts help.

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1. Pack matching outfits for your kids to help you spot them in a crowd.

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Bonus points if they're ridiculous, funny outfits that their future S.O.'s will find hysterical when you whip out the family photos the first time you meet them.

2. Plan your schedule ahead of time.

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Most people don't actually wing their vacations, but having more than just a list of places you want to visit or things you want to do — even if it's just "Saturday we'll go snorkeling and on a hike" — can take the stress level of planning and coordinating down a notch.

5. And if you're traveling somewhere abroad and your kids are picky eaters, packing things you know they love can help.

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Some foods — even what Americans consider super-basic ones — aren't available in other countries, or are available but are different enough that your picky eater might not want them. But if you pack your own, problem solved!

9. It's okay to have different schedules on some days!

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Maybe some of your family members are really into going on a hike, and others want to hang on the beach. Maybe you've got two kids with very different interests! Splitting up into two groups for a day or two of your trip can give people quality one-on-one time and help make everyone's vacation awesome.

11. Battle post-flight blues with something fun!

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Flights can be uncomfortable and tiring, even if you try to sleep — do something fun, like making a tent out of your hotel bed or going right to an attraction (and temporarily checking your bags there) to re-energize!

And the best way to reduce travel stress? Book your next all-inclusive family vacation at Hyatt Ziva! Get ready for the ultimate in relaxation — and no planning stress for you. Ah, bliss.

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