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Here's What It's Actually Like To Take An All-Inclusive Vacation

Expectation: It's gonna be awesome. Reality: Yep! See the new way of the all-inclusive vacation for yourself with a stress-free stay at a Hyatt Ziva and Hyatt Zilara all-inclusive resort.

Expectation: The beaches feel commercial, and there's no nature. Reality:

These people beg to differ.

Expectation: Things that are cool for the kids won't be cool for the adults. Reality:


Expectation: Excursions are super involved and take all day. Reality:

A quick 15-minute hop on a little sailboat? Sure, sounds nice.

Expectation: The days will feel monotonous and blend together. Reality:

Different float every day!

Expectation: There will be towel animals. Reality:

Only the best you’ve ever seen!

Expectation: If it rains, your day is ruined. Reality:

Rain makes some places even better! A haunted tour of the well-known Rose Hall Great the rain?! Spooky!

Expectation: You won't learn anything about the area you're visiting. Reality:

You might be surprised (and learn a new dance move or two).

Expectation: You'll have no personal space. Reality:

You have your own little island.

Expectation: And the beaches are packed. Reality:


Expectation: The food will be bland and come from a buffet. Reality:

Or they put on a freakin' show!

Expectation: The drinks will be watered down. Reality:

That doesn't look like water.

Expectation: And if they're not watered down, they'll just be too sugary and not fresh. Reality:

Fresh. From. The. Tree.

Expectation: What's so special about a pool? Pools are pools. Reality:

The pool is the bar. The pool is the playground. The pool is the spot.

Expectation: Is there a spa, or is it just a gym with a steam room? Reality:

You can hear the ocean waves as they crash a few feet away from you.

Expectation: Your photos will give your friends FOMO. Reality:

You give yourself FOMO later when you can’t stop looking through your photos.

Expectation: You'll eventually be ready to go back home. Reality:

You ARE home.

Photos by Aubree Lennon / ©BuzzFeed 2016

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