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11 Ridiculous Street Foods Totally Worth Traveling For

Street meat FTW. Hyatt Regency hotels have you covered on all the trendy spots in popular cities. Make your next business trip even better by hitting the streets. When you taste something new and delicious, you’ll discover why it’s good not to be home.

1. Zinneken's in Boston, Massachusetts

Cuisine style: Belgian

Most mouthwatering menu item: Strawberry glamour waffles

What makes them special? Famous for their gourmet waffle, you can also choose the type of waffle you want. Their liege waffle is softer, and the brussels waffle is crispier.

2. Crazydilla in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Cuisine style: Cuban

Most mouthwatering menu item: The Cubadilla

What makes them special: You can order any menu item as a taco or a quesadilla. Now that's crazy.

3. Bacon Bacon in San Francisco, California

Cuisine style: BACON

Most mouthwatering menu item: The Porky Fries

What makes them special? They also offer breakfast AND dessert, including chocolate-covered bacon.

4. The Crock Spot in Denver, Colorado

Cuisine style: Gourmet American

Most mouthwatering menu item: Create your own bowl with endless savory options, like apple-glazed pork loin and beet nut balls

What makes them special: This award-winning food truck believes in constantly changing up their menu. Everything they serve is slow-cooked to perfection.

5. Taco Picasso in San Diego, California

Cuisine style: Mexican

Most mouthwatering menu item: Cilantro lime marinated chicken tacos with avocado cream sauce

What makes them special? They make their own delicious homemade sauces.

6. Lil' Blu in Seattle, Washington

Cuisine style: American

Most mouthwatering menu item: Frozen lemonade

What makes them special? Can you get any more adorable than a '60s VW van serving up draft beer?

7. Smoke in the Hills BBQ in San Antonio, Texas

Cuisine style: BBQ

Most mouthwatering menu item:
Sliced brisket and ribs

What makes them special? The joint is family owned and operated, which started as a hobby and has now become a family business.

8. Island Loco in Phoenix, Arizona

Cuisine style: Hawaiian fusion

Most mouthwatering menu item: Island burrito with kahlua pork

What makes them special? Their menu is seasonal, but almost every item is served with their creamy queso blanco.

9. I Dream of Weenie in Nashville, Tennessee

Cuisine Style: American

Most mouthwatering menu item: Grilled corn salsa weenie

What makes them special? They have all different types of weenies to choose from, including turkey and tofu.

10. Gourmet Genie in Los Angeles, California

Cuisine style: Middle Eastern

Most mouthwatering menu item: Kebob platter

What makes them special? They offer a bunch of vegan options, including eggplant caviar.

11. PhoWheels in Washington, D.C.

Cuisine style: Vietnamese

Most mouthwatering menu item: Create-your-own bánh mì

What makes them special? They also offer Vietnamese-style tacos with Sriracha lime mayo.

You might be chomping on the same chopped salad at home, but when you're on the road, Hyatt Regency hotels knows it's important to get adventurous when it comes to lunch. Because, sometimes, it's good not to be home. 👍