12 Things Every Frequent Traveler Loves To Hear

So you’re on the road a lot, huh? Nothing like a little upgrade to make your day.

1. “Well, it looks like you’ve accrued enough frequent flyer miles to fly across an ocean.”

2. “Next customer, step down” as a brand-new security line opens up right next to you.

3. “We’re riding a pretty strong tailwind today, folks, so we should be getting you to your destination about an hour early.”

4. “The guest in the deluxe suite said that the view of the ocean gave off too much glare. If you’re OK with glare, we can upgrade you free of charge.”

5. The sound of the huge plane door closing while you’re sitting in an empty aisle.

6. “Oh, no. The credit card reader isn’t working. You know what? Just take the snack pack. I won’t tell.”

7. “We’ve overbooked your connecting flight. Would you mind terribly if we put you on this direct flight? No additional charge.”

8. “No children are allowed in the pool area after 5 p.m.”

9. “Do you need more pillows?”

10. “Oh, you forgot your hair straightener, phone charger, toothbrush, and deodorant? No problem. We’ve got those.”

11. “Due to signal problems, all trains are running express. Your stop is next.”

12. “Complimentary warm cookies!”

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