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12 Reasons You Should Stop Hating On Travel Food

No more sad sandwiches for you, brave traveler. Nowadays, you can eat great, whether you're stuck in an eight-hour layover or you're a mile high. Let Hyatt take care of the hotel part.

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3. Air China

Air China / Via Flickr: fukagawa

Offering a combination of Chinese and Western cuisines, Air China boasts that they switch up their menu every month. The variety should hopefully help you get through your million-hour flight. That's how long it takes to get to China, right? A million hours?

4. Air France

Air France / Via Flickr: mrmystery

This airline does not mess around when it comes to meals. Pasta, protein, bread, wine, what looks like an entire pie — in an age of $11 stale airline sandwiches, Air France is a breath of fresh air.

6. All Nippon Airways

All Nippon / Via Flickr: jseita

Seeing as flights from the U.S. are usually headed towards Tokyo (meaning a 14-hour flight), it's fortunate that the food is s'darn good. I mean, look at this thing. It's beautiful.

7. China Airlines

China Airlines / Via

A little presentation can go a long way. Tablecloth, tiny salt and pepper shakers, cloth napkins, nice glassware... big yellow drops of sauce? Yes, please. Plate devoted to butter? Yep. China Airlines nails it.

8. Newark International Airport

Mark H. Anbinder, 14850 Magazine / Via

What's almost as good as eating oysters at the world-famous Grand Central Oyster Bar in Manhattan's Grand Central Terminal? Eating oysters at the Grand Central Oyster Bar located in the Newark Airport. Seriously, it's a great spot.

9. Japan Air


It's no small wonder that Japan Air's Yelp page is full of people raving about the food. Offering a wide range of Japanese dishes, you're not gonna be complaining about a lack of variety.

10. Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

Bibs Teh / Via Flickr: 70323792@N04

Shoyu is an upscale noodle and sushi spot in the Minneapolis airport. Looking to kill some time during a layover? Sit down, order some delicious Japanese food with the iPad they give you, and you know what? Hold on to that iPad for a while. Play some games. Check your email. Totally fine.

There's no reason you can't eat well when you travel. Enter Hyatt.

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