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52 Things Girls Think When Texting A New Boyfriend

I'm pretty sure they didn't intend for the blue ticks to give people this much anxiety.

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1. Ah he's so great <3

2. He says good morning and goodnight to me everyday

3. Aw he's started putting a kiss at the end, I'll give him two

4. Why's he not started giving me 3 to beat my 2?

5. Okay he's sticking with one, I'll roll with that for now.

6. Did he just "kk" me?!

7. I should call him out on it, I don't want him to think that's acceptable. We're not 12.

8. He feigned ignorance, but at least now he knows.

9. He put 2 kisses on his apology text, we're getting somewhere!

10. We've been texting non stop since we met, I can talk to him about anything, it's so great :)

11. Okay that text was a bit more delayed than normal...

12. He's read my last text and not replied.

13. It's been an hour now.

14. Two hours.

15. I'm pretty sure they didn't intend for the blue ticks to give people this much anxiety.

16. Maybe his phone's died?

17. I'll send another text to check - "have you fallen down a well? Lol xx"

18. Nope, two ticks straight away, his phone's not dead.

19. Three hours!

20. I know, I'll send him a naughty little pic...

21. He's seen it, no one can resist these curves baby!

22. He's gone back offline, no reply. What the f*ck!?

23. Omg what if someone's stolen his phone?

24. Sh*t a stranger's just seen my frittatas!

25. Five hours, he'd of emailed me by now if someone stole his phone surely?

26. Oh f*ck, he's cheating on me isn't he?!

27. That's the only logical explanation!

28. He's found some girl that'll do that thing I won't!

29. Damn my mother for forcing her conservative morals on me!

30. Eight hours.

31. What if he's had an accident?

32. What if he's dead!?

33. It would be just my luck that I find a truly decent guy for once and he goes and dies on me.

34. Is there a word for being a widowed girlfriend?

35. Gwidowed?

36. I really shouldn't be making light of this, he could be really hurt.

37. I'll send a safe check up text - "you okay sexy? xx"

38. Two ticks straight away

39. Oh shit they've gone blue! He's alive! My mum may still get grandkids after all!


40. He's stayed online

41. He's typing!

42. Oh the anticipation

43. What if he's going to break up with me?

44. Who breaks up with someone over text?! What an asshole!

45. My friends told me there was something off about him anyway

46. And his eyes are a little too close together.

47. A response at last! Ooo, lengthy

48. (That's what she said, ha)

49. He's been visiting his parents all day, it was their 50th anniversary!

50. My sexy pic gave him a hard-on while he was sat next to his Aunt Gladys hahahahaha.

51. Aw he's so lovely, I knew he was a good egg!

52. Ah he's so great <3

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