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Top 5 Most Dangerous Sex Positions

Here at Hustler Magazine we know a thing or two about sex. So, with no further ado, we present you the top 5 most dangerous sex positions!

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  • 1. Standing 69

    This positions if fairly self explanatory. Its like a regular horizontal 69 (mutual oral sex) except youre standing. Why its dangerous? One of the partners has to hold the complete weight of their partner. Fatigue sets in, couple this with sweat making things a little slippery, and someone is bound to get dropped on their head.

  • 2. Piledriver

    One of the partners usually leans against a couch or chair with their legs in the air. This gives easy access for their partner to get deep all in their junk. Why its dangerous? The partner on the floor has all their weight resting on their neck. If things get a little too rough, they will have to see a chiropractor in the morning.

  • 3. Standing Cowgirl

    In a traditional cowgirl one partner lays on their back while the other partner rides on top while facing them. In a standing cowgirl one partner holds their partner and pulls their hips toward them to completing the sex act. Why its dangerous? Holding the entire weight of their partner while feverishly pulling and grinding their naughty bits, fatigue is bound to set in and someone is going to get dropped hard on the ground.

  • 4. Blumpkin

    Less of a sex position and more a sex act; a Blumpkin, to be blunt, is the act of getting a blowjob while on the toilette. Why its dangerous? A little splash back on your partners face from the toilette and theyre entering pink eye city. Conjunctivitis is no laughing matter.

  • 5. Ass to Vag

    Again, more of a sex act than a position. While fucking your partner in the ass, you quickly switch it up to some of that sweet vaginal fucking. Why its dangerous? Going from anal sex to vaginal sex is a guaranteed bacteriological infection for your lady. Bacteriological infections are never comfortable, plus you have to wait a few days for it to clear up before you can fuck again. (via