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    This Artist Is Making Traditional Oil Paintings Of London Grime Artists

    Reuben Dangoor told BuzzFeed News his paintings reflected the influence of grime music on British culture.

    Meet Reuben Dangoor, a London-based artist and film director.

    While a lot of Dangoor's work explores comic books and superheroes, he has also focused on the way culture in London is changing.

    Five years ago he wrote the lyrics of "Being a Dickhead's Cool", arguably the best London-themed song to date.

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    Recently, Dangoor has had a new focus – namely, painting London grime rappers in English country settings. For example, check out this painting of Stormzy sipping a hot brew while Wiley hangs in the background.

    And Skepta, draped in all-white garms, majestically riding a white horse and carrying the union jack.

    And here's MC D Double E from the Newham Generals, dressed as a military officer complete with screwface.

    Dangoor told BuzzFeed News that he wanted to show how grime artists were becoming more relevant in what culturally constituted "Britishness".

    "I made the images because it felt like you would normally have some British nobleman or war hero from the 1700s in that pose, but I feel like these grime musicians are flying the flag for the UK and embody Britishness in a far more relevant way," he said.

    "So I thought I'd mix the two parts of the same world."

    Dangoor says that he's planning to create a series of paintings in a similar style, as a way to show the history of grime music.

    "I wanted to show all these pioneers of garage and grime in a historical way, because it really feels like the movement is growing and finally getting the widespread attention it deserves," he said.

    He would not disclose who else he would be painting, but said: "You won't have to wait too long."

    You can check out Dangoor's other work on his Instagram page, or his website.

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