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    • hushpuppy20

      THIS is going to be the big cost of The ACA and thanks for Buzzfeed to for reporting on it without the typical MSNBC eyeroll. I say this as someone who LOVED the ACA when it was passed. As a manager at a franchised restaurant in Iowa I was overjoyed that our employees were going to finally get insurance. A year or so later I learned that our boss was facing what the article described. He’s just a franchisee with two locations and employs about 100 low-wage workers.  For being low-wage they still work their tails off with about half working more than 30 hour weeks. Some even work more than 40. They are obviously our best workers and the thought of having to cut their hours makes me sick just thinking about it. Add to that the need to hire 20-30 more “part-timers” who will be capped at 30 hours makes for a fundamental change to our business and a bad situation for everyone involved. Bad for our current workers who will be punished for what? Working too much? Bad for future employees who are going to come into this job knowing full well they are never going to get ahead making $7.25 an hour for 29 hours a week. Bad for management due to the higher turnover and constant need to hire. Ultimately bad for our customers as they will be served by lower-skilled and less motivated “part-timers” who will probably have to hold down 2 jobs just to scrape by.  I know this part of The ACA doesn’t go into affect until next year but it needs more attention. Again I’m a liberal Democrat who voted Obama twice and applauded the ACA. At first I was angry at our boss for this thinking it was just greedy posturing but the more I looked into it I realized it really is pretty untenable for him to insure 100 people based on our business model. You may not like it (I sure don’t) but this is a real problem and considering I live in a rural part of a prosperous Midwest state I doubt it’s an “isolated” issue. It’s not a “hypothetical” anymore. Low-wage workers across this country who are already down are about to get kicked by this law. We are looking at the rise of a “part-timers” epidemic here. Just another example of the growing income inequality in this country.

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