Insane Footage Of Historic Flooding In Vermont

No more joking about Irene being a non-event. The governor says the flooding in central and southern Vermont is the worst in over a century. A dozen bridges have been washed away, tens of thousands are without power, and at least two are dead in the tiny New England state. If you'd like to help Vermont and the many other victims of Irene, please make a donation to the Red Cross.

Gavon Laessig • 6 years ago

This Video Was Viewed 125,000 Times This Weekend

Recommended by MSNBC, historically documented at Know Your Meme, and statistically tracked by YouTube Trends, "Come On Irene" will either make you laugh or barf.

Kimberly Truth • 6 years ago

The Most Beautiful New York Hurricane Footage You'll See

Felix Thompson and Brandon Roots of Buffalo Picture House braved the hurricane in hopes of getting some interesting footage. What they ended up with is both beautiful and haunting.

Jack Moore • 6 years ago

Heartstring-Tugging Footage Of Irene's NYC Aftermath

The guys behind BestRoofTalkEver survey the barren wasteland of New York City, post-Irene. Half-finished sandbag forts and contradictory traffic signals wreak havoc over the city that never sleeps.

Chris Menning • 6 years ago