Woman Gives Birth Inside Barnes & Noble

“I think they should name him Noble,” a witness told ABC 7.

1. A woman gave birth inside a Barnes & Noble store in Torrence, Calif., Friday night.

2. Witnesses, who captured this photo on their cell phone, described the woman’s screams like “a wild animal … pure pain.”

3. “We heard a woman screaming and we thought something was hurting her,” said Dave Delgado, a witness. “When we heard the last scream, everybody came running. “

4. Witness Delia Ramsey said when she first heard the newborn baby cry, “It was really nice. Everybody started clapping.”

5. The child, a boy, was born without any complications. He and the mother were transported to the hospital where they are resting.



I just saw someone give birth at #BarnesAndNoble o.o

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