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Why It's Hard Being A Grammar Nazi

The only thing more annoying than having your grammar corrected is having to be the one constantly correcting everyone's grammar.

It's hard being a Grammar Nazi. For starters, people call you a Nazi.

Everywhere you go, you're pained by the lack of respect for the English language.

Every error laughs at you.

Every mistake haunts you.

And you're constantly shocked at how wrong everyone else is.

It's like you can't fully enjoy life unless everything is written correctly.

But it feels like no one else cares.

Sometimes, the mistakes are big and everyone notices them.

But it's the small mistakes, the ones that only you see, that really hurt.

See, there's a right way and a wrong way to write. You just care about getting things right.

You shouldn't get criticized for that.

But there are people putting apostrophes where there should be none.

And leaving them out where they belong.

People using the wrong "your."

And the wrong "its."

And the wrong "bye."

And the wrong "toad."

It's enough to make you lose your mind.

And let's not even start with how bad things are on the Internet.

Every time you get on Facebook, you ask the Lord for strength to make it through.

Texting just about anyone is just as bad.

Grammar and spelling matter because if you get it wrong, it can completely change the meaning of what you're trying to say.

Like completely.


I mean, have you guys heard of spellcheck?

Get a brain, morons!

But you know what the worst part is?

When we accidentally make a mistake. It happens to us too.

Still, can you guys please learn the difference between "they're," "their" and "there?"

Thanks. MWAH!