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    What News Anchors Really Do During Commercials

    Might as well have fun during those three minutes.

    "...we'll be right back after this commercial break."

    Commercial break

    Make sure your notes are in order

    Now do synchronized paper tapping.

    And cheer!

    Point to yourself as the voice over says your name.

    Do a secret handshake.

    Do a funny dance.

    Still have two minutes left of commercials.

    That's enough time for patty cake!

    Mime a little bit.

    Say a little prayer.

    Double check. Do you still look good for the camera?

    Of course.

    Now get that dirt off your shoulder, because heaven knows those clowns over at the other station aren't having this much fun.

    Kisses for the camera.

    Thirty more seconds of commercials!

    But wait, who's going to introduce the next segment?

    K, whatever, you can do it.

    WTF are you guys doing? You're live in ten!

    Oh, you're ready.

    "And we're back!"

    (Good thing no one at home saw any of this.)

    The full video:

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