What California Gov. Jerry Brown Would Bring To The White House

Some people want Gov. Jerry Brown to make another run for president, and he hasn’t “ruled it out,” according to the Los Angeles Times. A look at what he would bring to the Oval Office.

1. If Jerry Brown were in the White House, he’d bring experience.

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2. Because this man is old. (Justin Bieber’s mom was born the year he ran for president the first time.)

George Rose / Getty Images

3. And he’s had like every job already.

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4. He’d bring his unique sense of diplomacy.

5. He’d bring his skills to make the tough decisions and still have voters on his side.

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6. He’d bring a continued commitment to letting the government track your cell phones (He vetoed a bill in 2011 that prohibited police from searching cell phones of people they arrest).

7. He’d bring his no-nonsense approach to governing that he’s had his whole life.

8. He’d bring his ability to rage against people…

9. …but then make up with someone later and even get them to endorse him.

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images
Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

11. He’d bring his notable level of fitness.

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15. He’d bring his immense vocabulary and knowledge of ancient philosophers and things.

'Statutes of limitation reach back to Roman law ...' http://t.co/xZKgNlrKxc

— Jerry Brown Says (@JerryBrownSays)

Jerry Brown Says


‘Statutes of limitation reach back to Roman law …’ http://t.co/xZKgNlrKxc

/ Via

16. His unique way of speaking.

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

17. He’d bring the first lady of California, Anne Gust Brown.

18. He’d bring the California spirit.

19. And the California style.

20. And the California swag.

21. But most importantly, he’d bring Sutter, the first corgi of California.

22. Who, I’m not sure you’re aware, is actually the best first dog out of all the first dogs everywhere.

23. Sunny and Bo Obama can’t even compete.

25. So, in conclusion: Brown 2016. Think about it.

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