Ukraine Holds First Gay Rights Rally Held Despite Opposition

Attendees wouldn’t let a court ban or anti-gay demonstrators stand in the way of making history.

1. At least 50 marched in Ukraine’s first gay rights rally in Kiev Saturday.

Patrick 


GayPride Kiev succesvol verlopen. Helaas wel zware beveiliging nodig. #LHBT Foto met dank aan @MarijeC

2. A court ban and anti-gay demonstrators unsuccessfully attempted to disrupt the rally.

Jan Kooy


Peaceful Kiev Pride in #Ukraine, police prevents attacks on #LGBT marchers incl @hrw’s Boris Dittrich and @anna_kirey

3. Riot guards were on hand to ensure the attendees were safe.

Jan Kooy


This was needed to keep Kiev Pride 2013 peaceful. #LGBT #Ukraine @geertjanhahn @anna_kirey

4. Demonstrators called for an end to discrimination based on sexual orientation and derogatory stereotypes.

Jakub Parusinski


@sia_vlasova’s great pic from #kyiv’s first ever gay pride. more to follow. #ukraine

5. Here’s video from the event.

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