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    This Is How Britney Spears Announced Her Las Vegas Residency

    It allegedly cost $100,000.

    Britney Spears was on Good Morning America Tuesday to announce her Las Vegas residency.

    For the announcement, 1,300 people were bused out to the Nevada desert so they could hold up this giant sign.

    And Britney arrived in a helicopter.

    Britney Spears


    We've got liftoff @GMA!!!!

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    Then she got out of the helicopter, into an SUV, out of an SUV and onto a red carpet.

    She stood around awkwardly for a while.

    Before being interviewed for like two minutes.

    And then she went away bye.

    According to TMZ, the announcement cost $100,000.

    Here's the $100,000 interview:

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    GMA host Sam Champion told the Las Vegas Sun:

    "Wherever I go, people say they've watched Britney since she grew up. We see an incredibly talented woman — a really bright light, a very sweet person in a very difficult business," he said. "She's the perfect Las Vegas headliner ... She has the ability to sing, the ability to dance. It's going to be an incredible show. And I like the idea that they're shifting things to make it a real audience experience."