25 Things Mormon Girls Love

At all times and in all things and in all places.

1. Pinterest

3. Frozen Yogurt

4. Wearing Neon Workout Clothes to ’80s Parties

5. The Word “Awesome”

6. Taylor Swift

Getty / Kevin Kane

7. Diet Coke

Getty / Justin Sullivan

8. Fake Mustaches on Sticks

9. Mason Jars

10. Target

Getty / Spencer Platt

11. The Bachelorette

13. Group Dates

14. Cute Handwriting

15. Having DTRs

16. The San Diego Temple

Getty / David McNew

17. Having a Photography Business “On the Side”

18. Pride & Prejudice

19. The Romneys’ Marriage

20. Cupcakes

Getty / Brian Ach

21. Lace-Trim Tank Tops

23. “The Evolution of the Swimsuit” by Jessica Rey

24. Reminiscing About Girls Camp

25. Inspirational Quotes

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