There’s A Place You Can Pay To Get Cuddled, But It’s Not Open Yet For Fear Of Prostitution

The Snuggle House is awaiting approval from Madison, Wis., officials before opening.

1. A business offering professional snugglers for $60 an hour in Madison, Wis., is being delayed by city officials who worry the snuggle house could become a house of ill repute, ABC Madison reports.

2. Snuggle House Assistant Manager Emily Noon described the service as “intimate non-sexual touch.”

3. She said:

“There’s so many people that don’t have a significant other in their life that just need to be held.”

4. These are five of the Snuggle House’s professional snugglers.

5. And this is what professional snuggling can look like, according to a video posted to the Snuggle House website.


6. “Really, the city’s primary concern is we don’t want a house of prostitution to pop up,” said Jennifer Zilavy, Madison’s assistant city attorney.

“If somebody comes in and they’re snuggling, and the person gets aroused, and they want a little more, what is the snuggler going to do? Did they have any preparation for how to effectively deal with that?”

8. The Snuggle House is owned by Matthew Hurtado, who, according to state records, owes the state of Wisconsin more than $10,000 in state income tax. He has also filed for bankruptcy twice since 2009, according to ABC Madison.

9. Hurtado is the CEO of a supplement company.

10. And he also has a book about how he went from a sex addict to a millionaire.

11. Hurtado said the Snuggle House won’t begin its operations until the city says it’s satisfied with its plans.

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