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The West Coast Statue Of Liberty Is Going To Be Awesome

It'll be called the Statue of Providence. There's also the State of Responsibility.

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There's some people who want to build a Statue of Liberty for the West Coast called the Statue of Providence.

The statue itself would similar in size to the Statue of Liberty but would have a smaller pedestal.

Instead of having a torch like Lady Liberty, Lady Providence would have a sword that represents authority.

And shield that represents truth.

And two scrolls that represent wisdom and knowledge.

The coolest part is she'd be stepping on a snake to represent crushing evil.

The group says Eugene, Oregon could be a great place to build it, but anywhere on the West Coast would work.

There's also a group that wants to build this monument called the Statue of Responsibility.

But instead of it being a lady, it'd be two hands holding each other like this.

So, it's not quite as cool, but at least this one would have an observation deck so it's still pretty of cool.

And it would be as tall as the Statue of Liberty.

The group behind the Statue of Responsibility says it would either be in San Diego, L.A., Long Beach, San Francisco, Seattle or Portland.

Both statues need to raise a lot of money before they can even think about building, and they're both relying on private donations.

And if either gets built, it'd be great because the west deserves something better than a replica Statue of Liberty that sits in front of a roller coaster and hotel casino.

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