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    The 18 Most Important Dance Moves Of Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop" Music Video

    She can't be stopped. She can't be tamed. Don't even try.

    1. The teddy bear shuffle.

    2. The bathtub writhe.

    3. The West Coast sensual slide.

    4. The back-to-back McTwerk team twerk.

    5. The watch-and-twerk twerk.

    6. The watch-and-twerk-but-a-little-bit-closer-now twerk.

    7. The stationary bike smack.

    8. The diva strut.

    9. The can't-be-tamed grind.

    10. The she's just being Miley.

    11. The underwater twerk.

    12. The pull-your-clothes-down jive.

    13. The remember-only-God-can-judge-us-forget-the-haters jiggle.

    14. The so turnt up here.

    15. The twerker's ass grab grab.

    16. The queen of the human twerk castle.

    17. The about that life head tip.

    18. And the I can't wait to see you again.

    Here's the music video for "We Can't Stop."