’70s Japanese Spider-Man Was The Weirdest Spider-Man Ever

He looks like Spider-Man, but my spider senses are tingling. Something’s not quite right.

1. In 1978 there was a Japanese show about a guy who looked a lot like Spider-Man.

2. His costume was the same.

3. But instead of being a photographer bitten by a radioactive spider, he was a motorcycle racer named Takuya Yamashiro who met an alien.

4. The alien, Garia, was the last survivor of the planet Spider. He injected Takuya with alien blood and gave him a bracelet.

5. This Spider-Man still had cool moves.

6. But “With great power comes great responsibility” didn’t translate very well.

7. Spider-Man’s main villian was named Professor Monster. He drank blood to stay immortal.

8. Professor Monster was the leader of the Iron Cross Army, a group of aliens who destroy worlds.

9. Spider-Man also fought a lot of large creatures.

10. But they were too big for him to defeat.

11. Luckily, Spider-Man had a giant robot named Leopardon!

12. He also had a Spider-Car.

13. Don’t mess with 1978 Japanese Spider-Man!

14. The show was produced by Toei Company in a licensing agreement with Marvel. The Toei Company later produced a Power Rangers movie.

16. The show only lasted a year.

17. It might have had something to do with this Spider-Man being the weirdest Spider-Man ever.

18. But it was probably because this Spider-Man used a gun. Real Spider-Man doesn’t need guns.

Via comicsalliance.com

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