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    18 Statistics That Show What It's Like To Be Jewish In America In 2013

    The Pew Research Center released a survey of American Jews Tuesday. A Portrait of Jewish Americans survyed 3,475 Jews, including 689 who identify as having no religion, between February and June.

    1. One in five Jews describe themselves as having no religion.

    2. Those born after 1980 are the most likely to say this.

    3. The average household size for Orthodox Jews is higher than any other denomination.

    4. 48% of those raised Orthodox are currently Orthodox and "they are much younger, on average, and tend to have much larger families than the overall Jewish population [which] suggests that their share of the Jewish population will grow," Pew reports.

    5. Most say being Jewish is mainly a matter of ancestry and culture.

    6. The percentage of Jews with a non-Jewish spouse has stayed the same since 2000.

    7. The largest denomination is reform.

    8. Less than a quarter say they're Republican or lean Republican.

    9. Remembering the Holocaust is cited as an essential part of being Jewish more frequently than anything else.

    10. More live in the Northeast than any other region.

    11. 34% said someone can still be Jewish if they believe Jesus was the messiah.

    12. 13% say they can read all or most Hebrew words.

    13. Most say they are "somewhat" or "very attached" emotionally to Israel, and 43% say they have been there.

    14. Most say homosexuality should be accepted by society.

    15. 19% of Jews who say they aren't religious still go to High Holiday services.

    16. 16% of Jews who consider themselves Jewish by religion say they do not believe in God.

    17. 27% of Jews don't consider themselves Jewish.

    18. 1% of ultra-Orthodox Jews had a Christmas tree in their house last year.

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