"Slightly Haunted" House For Sale In Pennsylvania

There’s sounds of footsteps, knocking and screaming sometimes, but it’s “nothing serious,” the owners posted.

1. A home described as “slightly haunted” is for sale in Dunmore, Penn.

AP Photo/The Times-Tribune, Jake Danna Stevens

2. The home’s page on Zillow explains the haunting is “nothing serious,” with only the “sounds of phantom footsteps” and “a strange knocking sound” followed by a quiet scream at 3:13 a.m. about once a week.

3. Homeowners Gregory and Sandi Leeson told the Associated Press they’ve received calls from ghost hunters, but no serious buyers.


4. The four bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home is listed at $144,000.


5. And it comes with a set of bookshelves that open up to reveal a secret room.


6. The room is currently used as an office with a panda calendar.

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