“World’s Largest Light Sculpture” On San Francisco Bridge Is Beautifully Trippy

Now the Golden Gate Bridge won’t be the only Bay Area bridge people care about.

1. The Bay Bridge — San Francisco's lesser-known bridge — got a 1.8-mile-long, 50-foot-high "light sculpture" Tuesday night.

2. The display includes 25,000 LED lights and will be up for at least two years, according to a statement.

3. The lights cost $4.25 an hour to operate and were funded entirely by private donations.

4. California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, former San Francisco mayor, said he liked the lights.

One of the coolest projects the Bay Area has supported. Bay Bridge Lights: An LED Art Installation http://t.co/wTNraVaeHW Watch tonight 9 pm— Gavin Newsom

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