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    18 Ridiculous Things In Textbooks That Will Make You Shake Your Head

    By putting weird stuff in textbooks, learning can be more "fun" and "relevant" or something.

    1. An illustration of Michael Phelp's father's sperm racing towards his mother's egg.

    2. A dick that's actually a man punching another man.

    3. A really old computer found in a textbook published in 2010.

    4. A hand in a dumpster reaching out in desperation before it's lifted on a 30 degree angle.

    5. An "original drawing."

    6. A graph show how a rhinoceros is like a unicorn and dragon.

    7. An istock photo the textbook makers were too cheap to pay for to get the real thing without the watermark.

    8. A map of South America made by someone who doesn't know much about South America.

    9. An art textbook without any art.

    10. An American nuclear family posing with Spongebob.

    11. The evolution of Michael Jackson's face used to illustrate philosophical questions about identity.

    12. A man doing drugs.

    13. Buttpaste.

    14. This cat that's seen terrible things.

    15. The sexiest rectangle.

    16. Jizz.

    17. A woman saying "hello" in French to two naked people in a bush.

    18. A woman's fantasy.