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    Remember That Time Britney Spears Was On CNN?

    It was a great moment in journalism.

    In 2003, CNN did an interview with Britney Spears.

    And it was one of the most glorious things CNN has ever done.

    I mean, there might have been lots of other news to cover at the time...

    But this is Britney Spears. You can take five minutes out of your day for Britney Spears.

    Anderson Cooper introduced the segment.

    And Tucker Carlson did the actual interview.

    He asked Britney a lot of hard-hitting questions.

    Like if she was followed by the paparazzi a lot.

    And if she'd ever kiss a girl again.

    And what her fans thought about the recent change in her image.

    Then things got political and he asked if she was against the war in Iraq and if she trusted the president.

    They showed her Pepsi commercial with Bob Dole where he said "down, boy" to "his dog."

    And Tucker asked Britney if she even drank Pepsi.

    And what TV shows she watched.

    And if she watched CNN.

    Anderson didn't buy it.

    He didn't like her gum-chewing either.

    But whatever. Britney was gracious to bless CNN with her presence and the interview was a great moment in journalism.

    Thank you, Britney.

    Watch the full interview here.

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