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    Remember That One Time Ellen DeGeneres Was On "American Idol"?

    It was that one season a cute white guy who played the guitar won.

    Remember that one time Ellen Degeneres was on "American Idol"?


    And everyone was really excited because everyone loves Ellen.

    But then we remembered she was going to be the only judge who didn't have experience working in the music industry.


    But it was supposed to be OK because she was a music lover, just like us.

    She got along great with the other judges.


    And she did everything a judge is supposed to do.

    Except because she's Ellen...

    ...she had some fun with it.

    ...and didn't take it 100% seriously.

    And it made it more fun to watch.

    But in the end, Ellen just wasn't suited to be a critic.


    Because she's too gosh darn nice.

    And she quit after a season.

    But it's been OK because she has had more time to dance.

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