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    22 Reasons Nor Cal Is The Best Cal

    Nor Cal is hella awesome, guys.

    1. It's where the capital is.

    2. There's a town called Weed.

    3. And a county called Yolo

    4. The traffic isn't as bad as it is down south.

    5. Wine country

    6. Paradise is there.

    7. The original Lord's Gym is in Roseville.

    8. There are really big trees.

    9. The Star Wars scenes for Endor were filmed in the Redwood Forest.

    10. The smog isn't as bad as it is down south.

    11. The Giants have won two of the past three World Series and it's been more than ten years since a So Cal team has.

    12. It's where all our technology gets made.

    13. Lake Tahoe is the largest Alpine Lake in North America.

    14. "Full House" was set in San Francisco.

    15. Nor Cal NFL teams have won more Super Bowls than So Cal teams.

    16. When you see "Designed by Apple in California," they mean Nor Cal.

    17. Johnny Cash sang a song about a prison in Folsom.

    18. There are no Lakers.

    19. Vin Diesel drove a car off a bridge and parachuted into our hearts on the Foresthill Bridge in "xXx."

    20. "Hella"

    21. When they made the California quarter, they put Half Dome on it.

    22. And most importantly, there are no Kardashians.

    (But seriously, Nor Cal and So Cal are just like siblings and in the end we love each other. No hate, no hate. California love.)