Pokémon Is Based On The Real World

Pokémon Black and White was inspired by New York City.

1. The latest Pokémon game is set in a place called Unova.

2. It’s based on New York City.

3. Unova comes from the Latin unum (one) and nova (new) and was meant to express diversity and unity, according to game director Masuda.

4. New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the world.

5. There’s a bridge called the Skyarrow Bridge.

6. Totally the Brooklyn Bridge.

7. There’s a large metropolitan area called Castelia City.

8. Lower Manhattan, duh.

Castelia City

9. There’s a city with hipsters and artists called Nacrene City.

10. Sounds like Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

11. There’s a forest in the middle.

12. Just like Central Park is in the middle of New York.

13. An area filled with rubble, construction workers and archeologists has led some to wonder if it’s based on Ground Zero. The game says the destruction was caused by a meteor.

14. Previous Pokémon games were based on regions of Japan.

15. In conclusion, the new Pokémon game is totally based on New York City.

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