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More Americans Than Ever See "Big Government" As The Biggest Threat To The Future Of The U.S.

Nearly three-fourths of Americans think big government is a bigger threat to the future of the country than big business or big labor, according to Gallup.

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The percentage of Americans who believe big government is the biggest threat to the U.S. is higher than it's ever been in the six decades Gallup has asked the question, according to poll data released Thursday.

"Even though Americans have always viewed big government as the greatest threat, the degree to which they do so has been varied," Jeffrey Jones of Gallup wrote. "In recent decades, since the start of the Clinton administration, perceptions of big government as a threat have varied depending on the party of the president."

Republicans are more likely to believe big government is the biggest threat than independents or Democrats. According to the poll, 92% of Republicans believe this compared to 56% of Democrats.

"Americans have consistently viewed big government as a greater threat to the United States than either big business or big labor, but never more than they do now," Jones wrote. "That may be partly a reaction to an administration that favors the use of government to solve problems. Also, the revelation of widespread government monitoring of U.S. Internet activity may be a factor in raising Americans' concern about the government."

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