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    Lead Singer Of The Calling Says He Was Abducted And Beaten

    Alex Band, 32, says his attackers demanded his "Hollywood money" and only let him go after he told them he was going to be a father.

    Alex Band, lead singer of The Calling, known for its 2001 hit "Wherever You Will Go," claims he was abducted and beaten Monday.

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    The Calling was performing at the Lapeer Days festival in Lapeer, Mich., 50 miles north of Detroit.

    Band, 32, said two men attacked him outside a store, forced him into a minivan, beat him with a baton and put up a gun to his head and asked him for his "Hollywood money," according to a statement from the band. / Via AP Photo/Chuck Kim

    He said the men stole $1,200 and were going to kill him until he told them he was a father. Band told ABC:

    They started ripping everything out of my pockets and said take everything out. They stole my wallet and credit cards and my ID. They took my phone. He held the gun to my forehead and held me out of the door like that and that's when I said I just found out a few weeks ago that I'm going to be a dad ... Then the guy said it's your lucky day. Kicked me out of the car and they drove off.

    Band dismissed criticism about the suspicious timing of the attack hours before the Calling announced their comeback effort, saying it was "disgusting to think about."

    In a statement, police said the incident in under investigation.

    The victim, a member of the band 'The Calling,' reported being forced into a blue colored minivan-style vehicle between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. by two male subjects. The victim reported being assaulted, robbed and dropped off on another street within the city of Lapeer.

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