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    Posted on Apr 14, 2013

    How To Make Your Very Own Jurassic Park Car

    All you need is an old Subaru, some paint and a lot of patience.

    Reddit user CJ Swan and his friends had a 33-year-old Subaru station wagon they decided to turn into a Jurassic Park tour car.

    It takes a lot of work and a lot of patience, but you could probably do it too if you wanted.

    You start out by scrubbing the car down and painting the roof.

    And then painting the front hood green except for the middle where the logo will go.

    The wheels have yellow trim around them.

    Then to make the stripes on the side...

    You can use pizza boxes to make stencils.

    Just like this.

    Then you have to outline the stripes.

    The logo on the hood of the car is yellow, and you have to cover up everything else.

    You can use stencils for the words in the logo.

    But the dinosaur was drawn in.

    You also have to put a logo on the side.

    But that's it! Easy, huh?

    (You'll want to put headlights on the front, too, if you don't already have them, because dinosaurs, duh.)

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