How Madonna Proved She Was Still A Legend In 2012

Madonna had a great year.

1. Alright, so maybe Madonna didn’t sell as many albums or have as many songs on the radio as other artists…

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

2. But she’s still a legend, and tons of stuff this year proves that.

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

3. Like her tour. She had the top-grossing tour of 2012.

Jeff Fusco / Getty Images

4. Every other artist you can think of? They were No. 2 or lower.

Martin Meissner / AP

5. And Madonna was No. 1.

Taylor Hill / Getty Images

6. More than a million people saw her in concert.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

7. And Psy even came.

8. She also vogued in the middle of the biggest football game of the year.

Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

9. Let me say that again. She literally vogued in the middle of the biggest football game of the year.

10. The football game is called the Super Bowl. But it had a huge Madonna concert in the middle of it.

Joe Robbins / Getty Images

11. And it was the most-watched Super Bowl ever. Do you think that would have happened without Madonna? No.

Rob Carr / Getty Images

12. She put on a great show. It started when she was carried in by a bunch of buff men on a big golden throne.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

13. And she showed Nicki Minaj and MIA how it was done.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

14. And she sang with Cee Lo.

15. And made LMFAO hold her leg while she did this.

16. And thrusted while this guy bounced on a rope.

17. She also landed her eighth No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 this year.

18. And broke her own record for most No. 1s on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Songs chart.

19. Your faves could never.

20. So basically, Madonna proved, once again, she was a legend in 2012.

21. Deal with it.

David Becker / Getty Images

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