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How 15 Book Series And TV Shows You Never Actually Finished Ended

This is how the last book or episode of that series you were really into for a little bit when you were growing up ended. More often than not, it was with a whimper, not a bang.

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1. The Baby-sitters Club

The Baby-sitters club enters a contest for baby-sitters of the year. Mary-Anne's house burns down and she loses everything except some of her jewelry. Her dad gets a job offer in Philadelphia and she realizes new beginnings can come from bad things.

2. Doug

Doug finishes seventh grade and his voice is beginning to crack. Patti Mayonnaise's dad is marrying Ms. Krystal, the English teacher, and Principal White is performing the ceremony. The Sleech twins get dates. Cleopatra says her first word. Judy goes away to college. Patti asks Doug on a date-date. Doug reaches the last page of his journal.

3. Animorphs

Everyone finds out about the Animorphs' true identity. The Andalites finally make it to Earth. Rachel dies while attacking a Yeerk-controlled Blade Ship. The Yeerks are defeated. The remaining Animorphs become rich and famous. A few years later, Jake, Tobias and Marco go on a mission to find Ax. The learn he's been assimilated into an entity called The One. They ram their space ship into The One's space ship and we're left on a cliffhanger.

4. Spider-Man

Spider-Man is taken to different dimensions by Madame Web. He teams up with all the Spider-Men from different dimensions to stop Spider-Carnage from opening an inter-dimensional hole that will destroy everything. They stop Spider-Carnage. Spider-Man gets engaged to Gwen Stacy.


7. Goosebumps

Evan, Andy, Kermit and Conan find blue monster blood behind a dumpster. This monster blood is different than all other monster blood because it's blue and it has eyes, lips and it multiplies when it drinks water. A scientist finds the kids trying to contain the monster blood and tells them it's a military experiment. Conan eats some blue candy and starts multiplying himself.

8. Rugrats

The Rugrats go to a cabin. They watch old family movies and Stu and Drew wish they could be young again. Tommy takes the Rugrats to find the Fountain of Youth so they can help their parents be young again. Angelica tells them if their parents become kids, she'll end up being in charge.


9. Aaahh!!! Real Mosters

Oblina, Ickis and Krumm get trapped in a garbage compactor. They have nothing to do but talk, and they reminisce about their first day at Monster Academy and how they met and became friends.

10. Sweet Valley High

The weekend after prom, the Sweet Valley High junior class entered a countywide talent competition. Jessica Wakefield will do anything to make sure Sweet Valley wins, including getting involved in a massive fight with other schools, but then she remembers how Christen Gorman, the love of her life, died in a similar fight. She projects images of Christen surfing onto the auditorium as people are starting to fight, and everyone remembers him and then they stop fighting.

11. Gargoyles

John Castaway and the Quarrymen lure the clan into a trap, but Xanatos predicted they would do it, so they clan were protected. The Quarrymen then try to send a train off a destroyed bridge, killing all the passengers, but the gargoyles save the train. The Quarrymen are defeated, and society finally accepts the gargoyles.

12. Kenan and Kel

Kenan's family goes on vacation and Kel sneaks in the car. By the time they realize he's there, it's too late to turn around. There's something about a headless knight or something, and they drive off into the sunset as Kel sings "1,000,000 bottles of orange soda on the wall."


13. Recess

TJ and his friends try to infiltrate the Ashley's clubhouse, but it backfires. Gus sprains his ankle during the mission, and they all get detention. Their foiled mission cripples TJ's confidence, and says he's not going to lead his friends anymore. By the end of the episode, they restore his confidence.

14. The Magic School Bus

Ms. Frizzle's class notices her old geography book looks different and they wonder why. Ms. Frizzle tells that it's because of global warming, so they go on a field trip to the North Pole.

15. X-Men

The final six episodes were animated by a different company, so they look different. Henry Peter Gyrich attacks Professor X with a psychic energy disrupter. Magneto, who is living on Genosha, is preparing to wage war on humanity. The X-Men visit him to tell him Professor X is in critical condition and he decides postpone his war on the humans out of respect. All attempts to heal Professor X fail. The only thing that can save him is Shi'ar technology, so Lilandra comes to get him and takes him away to space forever.