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    Creepy Images From An Abandoned Bible Theme Park

    The park's been closed and neglected for 29 years. Take a look inside.

    In Waterbury, Conn., there's an abandoned park called Holy Land U.S.A.

    It's a Bible theme park that was built in 1940.

    But it's been closed since 1984.

    It was once the largest tourist attraction in Connecticut.

    This is what it used to look like.

    Today, Holy Land U.S.A. is closed to visitors and is super creepy.

    It was built by a Catholic lawyer named John Baptist Greco who wanted the community to be able to better understand the Bible.

    He built the park with the help of a group of volunteers known as Companions of Christ.

    It featured Jerusalem.


    Herod's Palace.

    A sepulchre.

    Bible verses.


    A 50-foot cross that can be seen from the highway.

    And various depictions of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

    The park closed in 1984 because Greco planned on updating and improving it.

    But he died two years later and it never reopened.

    A group of nuns were given responsibility over the property.

    But little has been done to maintain the park.

    And both time and vandals have taken their toll.

    Various attempts to restore or reopen the park have been made.

    But none of them have gotten very far.

    In 2000, Archbishop Daniel A. Cronin of the Hartford Archdiocese said there were plans to rebuild the park.

    It was estimated to cost $10 million and take several years.

    But nothing has happened.

    And Holy Land U.S.A. is still closed.