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Boston Runners Refuse To Be Terrorized, Do Two Marathons In One Week

Five days to recover from both the run and the attack.

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At least 15 runners who ran in the Boston Marathon Monday laced up again Saturday to run in the Salt Lake City Marathon as a show of support for the victims and as a sign they refused to be terrorized, even though that only gave them five days of recovery.

"It's a feeling of refusing to be bullied," Paul Fulton told The Salt Lake Tribune. "It's going to be a sense of, 'I'm out here, and I'm not going away.' "


The group wanted to wait until just before 4:10 mark, the time when the first explosion went off in Bosoton, to cross the finish line.

Here's the group posing in front of the "Remembering Boston 2013" banner signed by Salt Lake City Marathon participants.


Salt Lake City Marathon organizers gave bracelets to runners to commemorate the victims of the Boston terrorist attacks.

And plenty of runners wore shirts commemorating the victims.


Including the winner, Bryant Jensen.


As a precaution, there was a heightened security presence at the marathon.


But there were no threats and everyone was safe.


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