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Blowing Into Your Nintendo Cartridges Didn't Actually Help

Save your breath.

Back when our video games came in cartridges...

...we would blow into them if they didn't work.

But it turns out blowing into a Nintendo cartridge doesn't actually help.

See, we thought we were blowing off dust, when in fact we were just lining the cartridge with a layer of moisture.

And long term, that probably wasn't the best thing.

Someone even did an experiment to see the effects of blowing on the cartridges.

And it only took a month for this to happen.

So imagine what happened after doing that for years.

Even Nintendo says not to do it.

The reason cartridges wouldn't work wasn't necessarily because they were dirty...

Flickr: videocrab / Via http://Kevin%20Simpson

...but because they had these pin connectors that wouldn't connect with the hardware sometimes.

So just taking the cartridges out and putting it in again until it worked was all you had to do.

But, whatever, blowing on it made us feel better.

You can read more about the effects of blowing on cartridges here.

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