Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Announces She Won’t Seek Third Term

“I will continue to champion and cheer Arizona from the sidelines,” she said.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer makes a statement saying she vetoed the controversial Senate Bill 1062 bill, at Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix on Feb. 26. Samantha Sais / Reuters / Reuters

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer announced she would not seek a third term Wednesday at an event at a Phoenix-area elementary school.

“I’m saddened to be leaving this post next year but I’m proud of the remarkable progress we’ve made for the state,” Brewer said. “I will continue to champion and cheer Arizona from the sidelines.”

Arizona political consultants and election lawyers anticipated Brewer would not run for reelection in part because of the state’s two-term limits, despite her not serving a full first term. Brewer became governor in the middle of Janet Napolitano’s term when Napolitano was tapped to serve as Homeland Security secretary in 2008.

Brewer had previously said she was considering a challenge to the term-limit rule. Brewer characterized the state constitution’s definition of term as ambiguous. “I haven’t ruled it out, and I’ve been encouraged by people — legal scholars and other people — that it’s probably something that I ought to pursue,” she told the Arizona Republic in 2012.

All of the state’s leading Republican gubernatorial candidates tweeted their appreciation for Brewers’ service within minutes of the announcement.

Brewer took to Twitter to comment on the announcement and reflect on her term as governor.

While I will no longer be governor after this year, I will remain a proud cheerleader and champion for this awesome state that I love.

— Jan Brewer (@GovBrewer)

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