Here Are All The Ways The White House Is Trying To Sell Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act can only work if young healthy people sign up for health insurance, but a lot of them don't know about it.

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But Obamacare remains unpopular and confusing. According to a CNBC poll, 46% of Americans opposed Obamacare while 37% opposed the Affordable Care Act, which is kind of concerning because they're the same thing.

In fact, no one knows who runs it. OFA and the DNC have denied involvement. The White House Twitter account has, however, RT'd the animal pictures. "Everyone loves cute animals," Carney said.

A pro-Affordable Care Act group, Americans United, has denied involvement as well.

pro-ACA group @AU4Change tells BuzzFeed it is not the org behind @AdorableCareAct

E McMorris-Santoro


pro-ACA group @AU4Change tells BuzzFeed it is not the org behind @AdorableCareAct

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(Although they say it's a great idea.)

@EvanMcSan @AdorableCareAct But it's a great idea!

Americans United


@EvanMcSan @AdorableCareAct But it's a great idea!

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David Simas, the Obama campaign's director of public-opinion research and polling, told The Washington Post young, healthy males need to be reached for the health care marketplace to work.

"What do we know about them? They're overwhelmingly male. They're majority nonwhite. One out of every three lives in California, Florida or Texas."

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