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    24 Photos Of Seniors Who Are Young At Heart

    May we be this adventurous when we're their age.

    1. This man rollerblading.

    2. This woman skydiving.

    3. This costumed couple.

    4. This woman who rocks a backwards hat.

    5. This woman looking at lingerie.

    6. This man skateboarding.

    7. This woman playing beer pong.

    8. This man go karting.

    9. This woman playing Wii.

    10. This couple protesting.

    11. This woman getting a tattoo.

    12. This woman hanging out with Johnny Depp.

    13. This woman racing cars in her scooter.

    14. This man getting down.

    15. This man who listens to Adele.

    16. This woman partying.

    17. This woman on the back of a hog.

    18. This man pranking his granddaughter.

    19. This woman who trains a dog the size of a small bear.

    20. This couple sticking it to the man.

    21. This woman who you wouldn't dare mess with.

    22. This woman celebrating her sweet (one hundred and) sixteen.

    23. This woman who rocks harder than you'll ever rock.

    24. This couple still madly in love after all these years.