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26 Things Rihanna Didn't Apologize For In 2012

Rihanna released an album called Unapologetic this year, and she also did a lot of things she never apologized for. Like such as...

1. Hanging out with Chris Brown and tweeting a picture of him shirtless on a bed.

2. Hugging and kissing Chris Brown at the VMAs.

3. Getting into fights with strangers on Twitter.

4. Getting her followers to get in fights with strangers on Twitter.

5. Getting in fights with Joan Rivers on Twitter.

6. Wearing this.

Rob Kim / Getty Images

7. Checking out this chick's rack.

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

8. Having reptile boobs.

9. Not wearing pants.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

10. Not really talking to all the journalists she took on her 777 Tour.

11. Being late to a bunch of her shows on the 777 Tour.

Simone Joyner / Getty Images

12. Not dressing up more on Halloween.

David Livingston / Getty Images

13. But then later dressing up as a marijuana bride for Halloween.

14. Telling Piers Morgan to grow a dick.

15. Wearing this.

Allison Joyce / Getty Images

16. The movie "Battleship."

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

17. Touching Katy Perry.

18. Dressing like Arizona Iced Green Tea.

19. Wearing a hat that said "BOY" even though she is actually a girl.

20. Waking and baking.

21. Being the one hot woman in the "Men of the Year" issue of GQ.

22. "Stealing" seapunk for her performance on "SNL."

23. Smoking a huge blunt with Snoop and tweeting a picture of it.

24. Rolling a blunt on a guy's head and tweeting a picture of it.

25. Posting long-ass horoscopes and inspirational sayings on Instagram like all the time.

26. But most of all, wearing this.

Koki Nagahama / Getty Images