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19 Things That Prove The '00s Are Over

Sometimes, decades don't start and end when they're supposed to. Remember how the '60s actually ended in 1970 when the Beatles broke up? Here are 19 things that prove the '00s are officially over now.

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1. We're out of Iraq.

Mario Tama / Getty Images

2. Eminem just turned 40.

3. Abercrombie has lost a third of its market value.

4. Nike just terminated its contract with Lance Armstrong.

5. Drake isn't on Degrassi anymore.

6. Your jeans have gotten skinnier.

7. Britney Spears is a responsible mother.

8. You don't need Kazaa.

9. You don't need Blockbuster.

10. TV executives turned down a Paris Hilton show.

11. Your haven't checked in years. Your email address is now your name.

12. Boy bands don't do synchronized dance moves.

13. The Lakers haven't gotten past the conference semifinals in two years.

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14. MySpace is getting a facelift.

15. Kelly Clarkson is releasing a greatest hits album.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

16. Making fun of something by calling it "gay" isn't cool anymore.

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17. Aaron Carter is inspiring the next generation of teen pop stars.

18. You're starting to regret your barbed wire tattoo.

19. And most importantly, your phone no longer clips on your pants like this.

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