19 Photos Of Brave Space Monkeys

Without these adorable monkeys, mankind would not have made into space. We salute them.

1. Before humans went to space, we sent monkeys.

2. These brave monkeys paved the way for some of mankind’s greatest scientific discoveries.

3. Scientists were able to test the “physiological and neurological stresses of space flight” on them.

NASA/courtesy of nasaimages.org

4. Many didn’t survive.

5. Miss Baker became the first American monkey to survive a space launch.

NASA/courtesy of nasaimages.org

6. Here she is before the launch. She looks excited, no?

7. Miss Baker was commended for her distinguished service.

8. And she was given a tremendous birthday celebration.

9. Because of their sacrifice and service, we were able to send a man to the moon and we now have freeze-dried food.

10. These monkeys were bold.

Keystone / Getty Images

11. They were brave.

Keystone / Getty Images

12. They were fabulous.

NASA/courtesy of nasaimages.org

13. They did what their country asked of them without complaining.

Keystone / Getty Images

14. Even though they were probably a little scared.

16. They are trailblazers.

18. And they deserve our thanks.

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