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The Top 10 Drinking Games To Know Before Heading Out For Spring Break

It's almost Spring Break! Every college student is looking for that much needed break from school. What better way to do that than with a little fun and drinking? Here is a list of the top ten drinking games. So, let's party on and kick some ass!

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9. Civil War

This is a more intense version of beer pong in a 3 vs. 3 format. It is also a rapid paced game where you can shoot at any cup you choose. Should be 3 groups of 6 cups fashioned in a triangle.

8. Presidents and Assholes

If you've ever wanted to boss someone around? Well now is your chance, this game is played by placing cards face up trying to get rid of lowest to highest cards. The kicker is your card must be higher or equal to the one placed ahead of you. If a pair or better i played then you must have a pair of higher or equal value to play. A 2 can clear the hand though, also if someone plays a card of equal value the next player is skipped.

7. Fuck the Dealer

This is essentially the drinking game version of Blackjack. You must guess the suite of the card that is going to be flipped. If you choose correctly the dealer must drink, but if you get it wrong you must drink.

5. Chandelier

This game is similar to quarters, but you use a pong ball to try to make it into an opponents cup. If it is made in your cup then you must enter a drink off with the person who bounced it. Then flip cup comes into play and whoever flips their cup first wins and the other person is out.

4. Corners

More simple version of beer pong, but it is a rapid fire format. You use two pong balls and fire away at the cups, but if the ball hits the the lip of the cup you must catch it before it touches the ground.

3. Flip Cup

This game is all about speed drinking, skill and a good team. You must chug your drink until it is empty then set your cup back on the edge of a table. You then have to flip your cup until it lands on the open side of the solo cup. The first team to flip all their cups is the winner.

2. Kings Cup

A more complex game with many rules assigned to each card. It is very entertaining and fun. Many versions of rules exist for this game. The main thing is that every card has a dedicated significance that you must follow or else... hence the middle cup.

1. Classic Beer Pong

Every party goers most noticeable game! It's beer pong! It can be played in 6 or 10 cup format and usually 1 Vs. 1 or 2 Vs. 2. Simply make all of your opponents cups before they can make all of yours. Many different versions of rules exist and can be dependent on the table owner or home owner.

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