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The Taste Wizards At Hungry Jacks Have Just Dropped New Rainbow Bursties And We Are Frothing

This will undoubtedly be our new favourite summer glug.

The taste wizards at Hungry Jacks have been mixing up an absolute storm and have gifted us with ultimate summer frozen drink topper: Rainbow Bursties!

Collection of Hungry Jack's frozen drinks with rainbow bursties both in the drinks and on the icy ground

These fun, bubbly, bursts of juicy fruit flavour are made to explode in your mouth — which honestly, is something I never knew I needed but abso-frikking-lutely do.

Woman holding a rainbow bursties drink smiling as a colourful explosion, signifying flavour, explodes next to her

These magical balls come in four different flavours — juicy lemon, orange, strawberry and, of course, rainbow — so you can ~literally~ taste the rainbow.

Close up of an icy drink topped with multiple, little rainbow bursties

With the Hungry Jacks frozen drink range featuring Frozen Coke, Frozen Sprite and Frozen Fanta in Mango, Raspberry and Bubblegum, you can get creative mixing tonnes of flavour combinations.

Three rainbow bursties variations on a colourful, geometric background

And the best part? They'll only set you back two buckeroonies.

Man smiling as he holds a rainbow bursties drink and IRL bursties explode around him

If you wanna get really wild, you can also funk up your dessert order by adding Bursties to sundaes, shakes and soft drinks.

Close up of rainbow bursties being shown in desserts on a colourful, geometric pattern

Here's to spending hot summer days with your mates, slurping back some Bursties on the beach!

An icy drink filled with rainbow bursties and a little bowl filled with bursties on one side

Rainbow Bursties are available exclusively at Hungry Jacks, so head in store to get your hands on these cups of deliciousness right now!

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