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Moonlit Window

An appreciation of the soft light of the moon.

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You look beautiful in the moonlight, my dear.

But we're not so attractive in the sunlight, I fear.

Our faces have a smooth and shimmering glow

when the moon is shining through our picture window.

The day has a different effect on our faces.

I can only describe them as total disgraces.

Our cheeks are too ruddy, our noses shine - you'll agree.

Our chins, five between us... well, I just want to flee!

In the night light our eyes look as bright as a child's,

while the daylight proves they've seen too many miles.

Your hair, like gently flowing water at night,

resembles a bird's nest by day - and that's being polite.

My hair, when I had some, was taken for granted.

Now my crown in the sun fails to make you enchanted.

It's time to face the fact, we've had our day in the sun.

We'll have to cherish our memories of youth and fun.

Let's leave the sunlight for young lovers to smile and swoon.

We'll just admire each other by the light of the moon.

© 2012 L.E.H.

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